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Chris Mercer, Founder of

Workshop: Measurement Magic: Using ONE Google Analytics “Super-Report” To Guide Your Growth

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Are you using Google Analytics to its full potential? If you’re like most online marketers, you started using Google Analytics because it promised to help you guide your growth.

However, like most people who use Google Analytics, it’s all too easy to get caught-up in all those reports and that data. If you’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed with Google Analytics before… there is a better way!

In this Workshop you’ll get to build just ONE “Super-Report” in Google Analytics and use that one report to answer questions like:

  • “What traffic sources are working? Which aren’t?”
  • “What results am I getting from my Facebook campaign?”
  • “Does my email followup even work? If it does, HOW does it work?”

And plenty more…

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Meet Chris

Chris “Mercer” Mercer, co-founder of, is a sought after measurement marketing expert. For the past 5 years, Mercer (as he’s known) and his team have been helping marketers, marketing teams, and agencies know, trust, and grow their numbers.

First by planning out what’s important to measure in their marketing, then how to actually measure it (using tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics), pulling actionable insights from what’s being measured, forecasting and optimizing future results.

Mercer spends countless hours reading, practicing, adjusting and innovating to improve his skill set. He has a knack for teaching and is known for his ability to simplify even the most complex ideas for his audience.

He can be found speaking at conferences and events, such as Traffic & Conversion, Conversion Conference, Social Media Marketing World, Content Jam, Digital Elite Camp, Baby Bathwater Institute, and others.