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Christopher Penn

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The Intelligence Revolution: How Large Language Models Have Changed Business and Marketing Forever

Transformational technologies used to occur once in a lifetime, but in the past two decades, we’ve been party to four:  the Internet, the smartphone, social media, and now generative artificial intelligence. Of these, artificial intelligence stands as the most transformational.

With the advent of large language models and generative AI, permanent, deep transformation is here. Models like GPT-4, LLaMa, and StableLM have trivialized some tasks, allowed others to scale rapidly, and are changing the very foundations of every career, every job, every company.

In this keynote talk from Chief Data Scientist Christopher Penn, you’ll learn:

  • What large language models can and cannot do
  • How large language models are built
  • How your organization should be thinking about their usage
  • 12 marketing use cases in 6 different areas of focus
  • How to approach AI with privacy and data security in mind
  • What other applications of the underlying technologies apply to marketing
  • How various marketing jobs will be impacted
  • What’s just around the corner

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Cofounder and Chief Data Scientist,

Christopher S. Penn is an authority on analytics, digital marketing, and marketing technology. A recognized thought leader, best-selling author, and keynote speaker, he has shaped four key fields in the marketing industry: Google Analytics adoption, data-driven marketing and PR, modern email marketing, and artificial intelligence/machine learning in marketing.

As Chief Data Scientist of Trust Insights, he is responsible for the creation of products and services, creation and maintenance of all code and intellectual property, technology and marketing strategy, brand awareness, and research & development.

Mr. Penn is a IBM Champion in IBM Analytics, a Brand24 Top 100 Digital Marketer, co-founder of the groundbreaking PodCamp Conference, and co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee marketing podcast. Prior to cofounding Trust Insights, he built the marketing for a series of startups with a 100% successful exit rate in the financial services, SaaS software, and public relations industries. 

He is the author of over two dozen marketing books including bestsellers such as AI for Marketers: A Primer and Introduction, Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer, Marketing Red Belt: Connecting With Your Creative Mind, and Marketing Blue Belt: From Data Zero to Marketing Hero, and Leading Innovation.