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Joanna Wiebe

Conversion Copywriting

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Session Details:

First, we confirmed that Analytics is setup properly for traffic, conversions and team collaboration. Next, we measured the performance of traffic sources and specific pieces of content.

Which topics and pages outperform the rest? Finally, we build our content specifically to outrank the competition.

  • Learn to use data reveal which topics that your readers love most.
  • Find clues for improving quality both for search robots and human readers.
  • The tricks and tools for measuring ROI and prove value to the suits upstairs.

In the end, we’ll win by using data and empathy to create the best piece of content on the internet. Google and our visitors will love us for it.

Meet Joanna

The cofounder of Airstory, Joanna Wiebe helps copywriters and content marketers convert better using predictable, repeatable writing models, formulas and techniques. …Which sounds dull. So here’s the translation: use your words to sell more stuff. Jo’s helped clients like Crazy Egg, Tesco, Wistia and Buffer do just that, and she’s been invited to teach conversion-focused writing on 80+ international stages.