Jay Baer


Jay Baer

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Don’t Attack Your Customers’ Castle, Get an Invitation to Go Inside.

Total marketing messages increased 40% last year. To protect their attention, audiences’ are stashing it away inside a castle.

You cannot breach this castle by creating even MORE messages. But you can exceed your content marketing goals IF you convince your audiences to lower a drawbridge and invite you in.

To win with content in today’s world, you have to fundamentally realign your thinking and your expectations, and make CERTAIN your content marketing passes the three tests required for success.

These tests are called the “Three Drawbridges.” Your customers constantly have their hands on the levers, deciding when and whether to lower the bridges and let you in to their hearts, minds, and wallets.

This fast-paced and funny presentation will entertain and inspire. Filled with real-world examples!

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Founder, Best-Selling Author, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

Jay is a customer experience and digital marketing pioneer, expert, advisor, researcher, and analyst. He has spent nearly 30 years helping the world’s most iconic brands gain and keep more customers.

A 7th-generation entrepreneur, Jay has written 6 best-selling books and founded 5 multi-million dollar companies. Jay is an inductee into the halls of fame for professional speaking and word of mouth marketing and the creator of multiple award-winning podcasts.

He is also one of just two people in the world listed as one of the top 30 “global gurus” in two different knowledge categories (customer service, and internet marketing). He founded the strategy and analysis firm Convince & Convert and is a board member of Experience Dynamic, a full-stack customer experience services collective.

Media outlets like CNBC, NPR, Fox Business, and The Wall Street Journal frequently rely on Jay to comment and contextualize top trends. His very popular twice-monthly newsletter is at TheBaerFacts.com.

Jay loves:

  • Growing businesses
  • Delivering presentations (in-person or virtual) that audiences love
  • Plaid suits
  • He’s also a licensed tequila sommelier and a certified BBQ judge.