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Charles Farina

Google Analytics: Optimized for B2B & E-Commerce

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Session Details:

We covered specific use cases for Google Analytics that span both B2B and E-Commerce. Learn how to gain insights into firmographics, form analytics, and rich merchandising capabilities.

  • Learn how to identify traits of your most valuable users
  • Uncover valuable insights into attribution
  • Leave with tons of todo items for when you get back.

I believe Analytics is all about how you use the data. This session was full of use cases for taking action on your data!

Meet Charles

Charles is Director of Growth & Development at Analytics Pros a premier Google Analytics 360 reseller with clients including GoPro, Starbucks, and Yelp. He has worked in Digital Analytics for almost 10 years and performed over 30 implementations of Google Analytics 360. His current passion is cross-platform Analytics and traveling the world!