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Aaron Orendorff

Why Most Evergreen Content Never Takes Root: 5 Reasons Your Long-form Posts Fail (And How to Bring Them Back to Life)

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Evergreen content is traffic, lead-generation, and SEO gold. It’s also hard, time-consuming work.

Unfortunately, most writers confuse “long” with evergreen … only to find their blood, sweat, and tears fall flat. Over the last two years, Aaron’s authored some of the highest-performing posts at Unbounce, Copyblogger, Content Marketing Institute, and GetResponse.

From idea generation to research to distribution and promotion, check out the five reasons most evergreen content fails and how to make sure yours takes long-term roots.

Meet Aaron

Aaron Orendorff is the founder of iconiContent and a content marketer at Shopify Plus. He’s also a regular contributor at Mashable, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Business Insider, Success, and more. When he’s not busy “Saving the World from Bad Content,” Aaron teaches public speaking and philosophy at the local college. @iconiContent

“I discovered Aaron when I stumbled across one of his posts…”

“…and ended up including him in my bestseller, Everybody Writes. Since then, we’ve included his fresh, original thinking multiple times in MarketingProfs. Aaron nails the delicate balance of creating content like a writer and delivering business value like a strategist. Plus he’s a pretty great guy.”

Ann Handley

Founder and COO, MarketingProfs