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Tim Riesterer

To Challenge or Not to Challenge? Matching Your Content to the Moment

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Session Details:

Which buying situations call for disruptive, insight-driven messaging and content? And when do you want to dial it back with a story that follows a way different—even opposite—approach?

Different moments demand different messages. Does your content program respond to the variety of buying moments you face throughout the customer lifecycle? In Tim’s session, we got a rundown of tested and proven research designed to help you match your content to the buying moment, helping you tell the most effective stories for the following key situations:

  • “Why Change?” – Convince your prospect to change
  • “Why You?” – Establish clear differentiation
  • “Why Stay?” – Retain your top customers and fend off the competition
  • “Why Pay?” – Get your customers to pay more for your solutions

Meet Tim

Tim Riesterer is Chief Strategy and Research Officer of Corporate Visions, responsible for leading the strategic direction of the company in thought leadership, positioning and product development. Tim has over 20 years experience in Marketing and Sales. Prior to joining Corporate Visions, Tim co-founded Customer Message Management, LLC, where he was CEO until it was acquired by Corporate Visions in 2008.

Tim is co-author of Customer Message Management: Increasing Marketing’s Impact on SellingConversations that Win the Complex Sale: Using Power Messaging to Create More Opportunities, Differentiate Your Solution, and Close More Deals and The Three Value Conversations: How to Create, Elevate, and Capture Customer Value at Every Stage of the Long-Lead Sale . Tim lives in the Milwaukee area with his wife and four daughters, he enjoys singing and acting.