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Jordan Bower

Both a workshop speaker and breakout session speaker.

Day 2 Transformational Storytelling & the Age of Distrust

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We live in a time when more than half of us believe the world will be worse within five years. What today’s consumers, employees and citizens want — more than anything –are stories about the future that engender clarity, hope and meaning.

How do you shift from telling stories about where you’ve come from to stories about where we’re going? By following the process of Transformational Storytelling. This six-step communications development process draws from design thinking, brings a deeper layer of emotion and engagement to your professional messages.

In this breakout session, learn the Transformational Storytelling process and discuss how to apply it to your specific context.

Day 1 Workshop: Think Like a Storyteller

Download Jordan’s Slides (PDF)

What do we mean by stories? Where do they come from? And how can we find them in our professional messages, so we can heighten our audience’s engagement, motivation and meaning?

This workshop will change how you think about storytelling. Rather than learning how to tell an anecdote about the time you fought a bear in the forest, you’ll explore storytelling as a transformational process that connects you with your audiences. And rather than approaching storytelling theoretically, you’ll get your hands dirty workshopping one of your real professional stories — creating source material, experimenting with new ideas and shifting your self-image in the process.

You will improve how your content creates engagement, motivation and action by learning to think like a storyteller.

Meet Jordan

Jordan Bower is the Chief Storyteller at Transformational Storytelling, a consultancy and leadership training firm based in Vancouver, Canada. Jordan works to heighten values of courage, vision, collaboration and vulnerability through clear and effective communication.

He teaches that the core of good storytelling is engaged and attentive listening. Jordan’s clients have included Autodesk, FedEx, SAS, CIBC, the Richard Ivey School of Business and dozens of tech companies, Fortune 500 corporations, public institutions and individuals based around the world.