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Christopher Penn

The Intelligence Revolution: How Large Language Models Have Changed Business and Marketing Forever

Transformational technologies used to occur once in a lifetime, but in the past two decades, we’ve been party to four:  the Internet, the smartphone, social media, and now generative artificial intelligence. Of these, artificial intelligence stands as the most transformational.

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Andy Crestodina

Quick AI Tips

Andy shares some quick, actionable tips you can implement right away. 

Joanna Weibe

Bad Words: The 5 Words You’re Using in Your Copy that You’ve Gotta Delete Pronto

In this talk, Joanna is sharing anti money words – or the words and phrases that completely trash conversions but are somehow, strangely, used on nearly every website on the planet. See the 5 most common bad words. And get ready to delete ’em all from your copy!

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Andy Crestodina

AI and Analytics: Data-Driven Empathy for Digital Performance

After 100+ hours of experimentation, we’re happy to share our complete framework for AI for content marketing.

We’ll start with the big picture, because it’s very big: accuracy, bias, labor market impact, the coming global apocalypse, etc. Then we’ll quickly move into the practical how-to’s.

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Ashley Zeckman

Cut the BS: B2B Influencer Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

The B2B influencer marketing industry is becoming increasingly saturated. Fortunately for you, even though other brands are dipping their toes in the proverbial water, there are few brands implementing strategies that drive results around the business outcomes that matter most.

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Jay Baer

Don’t Attack Your Customers’ Castle, Get an Invitation to Go Inside

Total marketing messages increased 40% last year. To protect their attention, audiences’ are stashing it away inside a castle. You cannot breach this castle by creating even MORE messages. But you can exceed your content marketing goals IF you convince your audiences to lower a drawbridge and invite you in.

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