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Companies that struggle to achieve their goals with content marketing usually don’t have a missions statement. It’s the cornerstone of content strategy. It states what we’ll be publishing, who it’s for and why they’ll care.

In this episode of Content Matters Podcast, Andy and Barry discuss how and why to create an all-important mission statement, which will give your marketing programs the focus it needs to be effective.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • An easy-to-understand (and apply) XYZ template for creating an effective mission statement2
  • How your mission statement rallies everyone on your team to focus on a common goal
  • Why strategy must precede tactics in an age of infinite media outlets (or: your vaccine for shiny objects syndrome)
  • Barry’s standard (and important response) to the marketer who claims their biggest content marketing problem is their company sells boring products
  • Andy reels off a list of ways to select topics in line with your mission
  • You may find your greatest content in your sent mail folder
  • How companies address the challenge of needing to satisfy multiple personas
  • Should you publish your content marketing mission statement?
  • Why content marketing mission statements can evolve


In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry explains how to inject emotion in your mission statement and why you should then proceed developing your voice
  • Andy explains why publishing the answers to your visitor’s top questions on strategic pages of your site is the key to conversion

Resources from the Episode:

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