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Roberto Blake

YouTube Marketing for Businesses and Brands

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Session Details:

YouTube is one of the most challenging content platforms in the social media landscape. In this session we covered how to leverage YouTube strategically as a business and how to develop an audience, as well as convert them and measure success on YouTube. We also covered a primer on the YouTube Algorithm.

Meet Roberto

Roberto Blake is the CEO and Creative Director of Create Awesome Media, LLC., where he develops and produces digital content and online media properties. Currently he is the host of a popular Creative Education Channel on YouTube, “Always Be Creating”. Roberto also host and co-produces the “Create Something Awesome Today Podcast”, in partnership with Liebsmedia.

As a practictioner in video marketing, Roberto has a background in advertising, marketing and brand development based in a long career in the creative services industry. Leveraging skills in Graphic Design, Photogaphy and Video Editing, Roberto uses his versatility as and advantage in social media platforms and content that rely on these advanced skills.