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Mary Garrick, VP of Brand & Creative, Upward Brand Interactions

Breakout Session: How to Build Data-Driven Personas You’ll Actually Use

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Persona-driven strategy is effective, there’s no doubt about it — but can you confidently say you’re building personas that have life beyond your strategy?

In this session, Mary Garrick will share the best places to mine meaningful data and show real examples of how personas improve the content development process. You’ll leave equipped with everything you need to know to build personas you’ll be confident in, not to mention actually be able to use.

Meet Mary

Mary Garrick is the leader of brand practices at Upward Brand Interactions. In her role, she combines creative forces with evidence-based analysis to bring her clients closer to their customers and bring the right customers to her clients.

She develops and implements strategic communications initiatives that include brand and content strategy, content and video creation, traditional and social media program implementation, digital advertising, new product launches and crisis communications.