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Justin Rondeau

The Pragmatist’s Approach To Marketing Analytics

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Session Details:

Data & analytics are a huge topic of discussion and most theorists and writers like to talk about a one-size-fits-all approach. Well, that’s just not how it works!

Data requires intention, context, and more importantly a strategy.

In this session, Justin shared his approach to data and how to leverage his findings into actionable insights that will impact what matters most…revenue.

By the end of this session you’ll know:

  • How to identify the key metrics that matter to your business
  • How to pick relevant associated deep-dive metrics to diagnose issues
  • How to use quant data to jump to qualitative data sources (and what you can actually learn from these qual sources)

This presentation is for marketers who are data-savvy but haven’t quite gotten their organization to the data-driven juggernaut it ought to be.

Meet Justin

Justin Rondeau is the Director of Marketing at DigitalMarketer and runs marketing and growth initiatives, has developed a rigorous analytics and optimization course, and has certified hundreds of optimization and analytics professionals.

Named one of the top 25 most influential CRO professionals, Rondeau has spent his entire career working on optimization campaigns and has helped train some of the leading optimization teams at Fortune 500 companies.

Rondeau has run hundreds of tests for both B2B and eCommerce brands and has has analyzed 3,000+ split tests tests across virtually every industry.