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Jill Pollack, Co-Founder of Story Mode

Workshop: Content is Boring: It’s Stories That Build an Audience

There were no slides for this interactive workshop.

We’ve all been complaining about it; now it’s time to take action.

Stop feeding your content machine with, well, just “content.” This is your chance to talk about what your audience wants to talk about, and to build a conversation.

StoryStudio Chicago and Story Mode Founder Jill Pollack sets aside the conventional wisdom of spending so much time on the numbers, and instead focuses on finding the stories that truly matter to your audience, and to your company.

In this day and age, we should offer nothing less.

Come to this creative work session with your sleeves rolled up and a few real-time projects to get in story mode.

You’ll learn:

  • The power of putting your audience first
  • The basic craft necessary to build a compelling story
  • How to use creative prompts to find a first draft or a new idea
  • The Power of 39
  • How to give and get useful feedback
  • Secrets to getting started
  • How to think like an editor

Meet Jill

Jill is the Co-Founder of Story Mode, a unique program that trains, coaches, and advises business people to use the power of storytelling and apply creativity to get things done at work.

A dramatic arts-trained refugee from the corporate world, Jill created StoryStudio Chicago—a creative writing school—in 2003 and began developing new approaches to teaching storytelling for business, for the page, for the screen, and for changing technology. Her credo? Don’t Be Boring.

In addition to teaching, writing, and forcing people to admit that they can’t live without great stories, Jill works with organizations to rethink their marketing content to keep the conversation going.