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Jay Acunzo

Unthinkable: How the World’s Most Creative Content Marketers Do What Others Wouldn’t Dare

Session Details:

Everyone knows the importance of being truly creative in marketing today, but unfortunately, due to the pressures of our jobs, the frenetic pace of technology, and our own personal behaviors, our attempts to be creative often end with simply creating more generic stuff. In this fast-paced, hilarious talk, the prolific and sarcastic Jay Acunzo will challenge you to rethink your own ability to create high quality work and do so in high quantities. You’ll learn the five secrets that drive the truly creative teams and marketers in our world, and you’ll walk away ready to do what most marketers assume is one thing: Unthinkable.

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Meet Jay

Jay Acunzo is obsessed with the c-word in content marketing — so much so that his password is “CreateContent247.” Formerly at Google and HubSpot, Jay is VP of marketing and support at NextView, an early-stage VC firm investing in tech startups, and he writes the blog Sorry for Marketing, which he’s just now realizing needs a new password. He’s the creator and host of the show Unthinkable, a podcast for craft-driven content creators, marketers, and anyone bothered by bad content.