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Dana DiTomaso, Founder & Partner, Kick Point

Breakout Session: Reporting vs Analysis: How to Gain Real Insights from Google Analytics

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Prove that you matter.

It’s likely that you have been given a report that did more to confuse you than assure you. You’ve probably delivered a report that was just as bad.

It’s tough to admit, but generally speaking, we’ve all been terrible at reporting.

This session sympathizes with those times you’ve had to fight tooth and nail to justify what you are doing or want to do for your boss or client, simply because you couldn’t prove anything with your reporting. When reports don’t provide concrete insights and direction they do more harm than good.

They make each of us look worse because our bad reports make it hard to build trust. We need to do better.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Tell the difference between monitoring and reporting.
  • Set goals and decide how to track progress and metrics before projects start.
  • Build reports that your boss or clients are excited to get.

Meet Dana

Dana is President & Partner at Kick Point, where she applies marketing into strategies to grow clients’ businesses, in particular to ensure that digital and traditional play well together. With her deep experience in digital, Dana can separate real solutions from wastes of time (and budget).

Dana was born in a steel mill but overcame these humble beginnings to move to Edmonton in 2010. In her spare time, Dana is the past-president of the Advertising Club of Edmonton and is the weekly technology columnist on CBC Edmonton AM. She also enjoys drinking fancy beer and yelling at football players.