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Andrew Davis

Killer Content: How brilliant brands create less content and deliver bigger success.

Session Details:

In this fast-paced keynote address, bestselling author and former television producer Andrew Davis will show you real-life examples of companies that deliver stunning success without relying on “listicles” or viral videos. You’ll learn how they create content that grabs their audiences’ attention and keep it.

You’ll learn the five simple secrets smart marketers employ to turn marketing expenses into assets, and you’ll be inspired to create less content while delivering bigger success.

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Meet Andrew

Andrew Davis is a bestselling author and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker. Before co-founding, building and selling a thriving digital marketing agency, Andrew Davis created programming for local television, produced for NBC’s Today Show, worked for The Muppets in New York and wrote for Charles Kuralt. He has marketed for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 brands. In 2016, Davis founded Monumental Shift, the world’s first talent agency for marketing thought leaders.