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Aaron Weiche

Workshop: Winning in the “Near Me”, Mobile Search, Proximity Drive, Local SEO World

Download Aaron’s Slides (PDF)

It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.  Today’s SEO can be heavily impacted with local search implications for many types of businesses as Google uses your device or browser to understand where you are searching from and what solution is closest, as well as best.   With nearly half of all searches seeking local information and those local searches resulting in an action 88% of the time, you can’t ignore the local layer of the world wide web.

This session will introduce you to:

  •  The framework of how Google assembles local SEO rankings
  •  Local SEO ranking factors
  •  Local content strategy ideas
  •  Using customer experience to drive online marketing
  •  Visibility and conversion wins

Meet Aaron

Aaron Weiche is the CEO of GatherUp, a customer experience and online review platform serving over 25,000 businesses globally. Aaron has over 20 years’ experience and has worked with brands like UnitedHealth Group, Jacuzzi, Allstate, PODS, Accenture, Target, Best Buy and Zoes Kitchen.

Aaron helped found MnSearch, Local University, multiple digital marketing agencies, co-hosts The SaaS Venture podcast and speaks internationally on reviews, search engine optimization and Google.

When not online, Aaron can be found with his amazing wife and 4 children boating, snowboarding, playing sports and watching Minnesota Twins baseball and University of Nebraska Football.