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Let’s talk about how to make events matter.

The first question Andy asks in this episode of the Content Matters podcast is “Why go to events?”

I explained that you go to marketing events to:

  • Learn
  • Network
  • Collaborate
  • Prospect
  • Get ideas
  • Rev your engine

Andy pointed out marketing events also present an amazing opportunity to create content. The conversation that ensued is crammed full of tips to maximize all of these opportunities and get more value from the conferences and seminars you attend.

Listen to “How to Make Marketing Events Matter More [7]” on Spreaker.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • How to prepare and get more value going in
  • Ideas for connecting with influential speakers
  • Ways to create great content at (or based on) marketing events
  • Smart techniques for following-up with the people you meet
  • Barry’s social media pants, fun icebreakers, and connecting with the New York Times

In the cheese and mousetraps segment:

  • Barry suggests forging a simple plan for your next event
  • Andy speaks to increasing conversion with the scarcity principle

Resources referenced in this episode:

34 Ways to Get the Most from a Conference from the Orbit Media blog

How to Marketing an Event: 50 Event Marketing Tips

Ask it Forward: 26 Questions for 26 Marketers (Orbit Media Video)

Social Media Pants (and Other Ways to Make Friends) from Feldman Creative

Wine & Web (a monthly event hosted by Orbit Media)

Content Jam (an annual conference hosted by Orbit Media)

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