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Jessica Best, Director of Data-Driven Marketing at Barkley

Returning in 2018 as both a workshop speaker and breakout session speaker.


Breakout Session – Balancing Relevance vs. Privacy: The State of Data in Email Marketing in 2018

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Watch Jessica’s session:

Marketers have made a case for more data for the past 5+ years, closing in on perfectly personalized content and journey-led marketing automation like emails that are unique for every single prospect or customer. In 2018, especially in the wake of Cambridge Analytica’s use of data in the US election and GDPR in the EU, suddenly marketers are faced with the question: What is our customer willing to trade in privacy for this extreme relevance in content, advertising, and product?

In this session, Jess will dive into the latest trends in data usage in email marketing – a one-to-one channel where we can use it the most in our content marketing. Plus, she’ll open a dialogue about how much data to collect in a world where relevance has become table stakes… but our consumers are crying for privacy.

What you’ll learn:

  • Trends in using data to determine email marketing content and timing
  • The latest data in determining the impact of email and content marketing: traffic attribution via mobile devices
  • The potential impact of how invasive or creepy each of these things can be when misused
  • The rules of GDPR and how they might impact U.S.

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DAY 1:

Workshop: Email Marketing – Good to Great, Guaranteed

Download Jessica’s Slides (PDF)

What if each email you sent earned you a 2000% return on investment? Email marketing (yes, STILL) rocks the highest return on investment of any medium, garnering on average $28 for every $1 you invest. That is, if you do it right. Is your email program up to snuff?

Ok, be honest: Do you even *know* your email ROI? How much revenue do you make per email subscriber? From driving engagement to fine tuning your list and timing, Jessica Best, self-proclaimed email marketing dweeb, will help you get your current strategy in the best shape it can be, and then teach you how to grow it to the next level with a larger subscriber base and the latest trends so you can start earning a $20-to-$1 return on investment.

WARNING: Any data-phobes who hate measurable marketing, anyone who has perfect email marketing campaigns already, and those guys that send pharmaceutical ads in Russian need *not* attend.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to optimize your email marketing lists and content for guaranteed improvements to your ROI
  • How to grow your subscribers list to grow your revenue
  • Common mistakes we (still) see savvy email marketers make
  • What’s working – and what’s pretty darn cool – in email marketing in 2017 and beyond

Meet Jessica

Jessica is one part massive email and data-driven marketing nerd and one part permission-marketing evangelist. She acts as a strategic consultant and subject matter expert for brands and businesses internationally.

She’s lead trainings and spoken in front of audiences from a dozen to over 1200 from Las Vegas to New York City, from Vancouver BC to SXSW Interactive in Austin. Jessica’s primary role is as Director of Data-Driven Marketing for Barkley, implementing the marketing best practices she preaches for Barkley’s own clients. You can find her on Twitter @bestofjess.