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Jared Macdonald

7 Buyer Persona Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them

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Session Details:

There’s been a popular takeaway from a lot of marketing conferences this year: deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.

But how do you do it?

By truly understanding your audience — and leveraging effective personas is a pivotal way to accomplish this. Unfortunately, many marketing teams don’t do personas right, if at all.

Not your marketing team, though.

Because in this session, we learned:

  • What personas are (and should be)
  • The information that makes personas actionable and effective
  • How to avoid having too many personas
  • And much more

Meet Jared

Jared is the founder of AX Growth, a marketing consultancy that helps startups and SaaS companies deliver relevant, consistent experiences to their audiences across the entire customer lifecycle. As a Canadian that likes baseball even more than hockey, you’ll find him at ballparks across the country (when he’s not helping his clients with their content, copy, and UX, of course).