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Dan Shure, Owner of Evolving SEO

Breakout Session: Optimizing For Keyword Intent Explained (Really!)

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Are you doing the keyword research, creating ‘10x’ content, even maybe (dare I say) link building (yuck) and still not seeing SEO results? Frustrating, right?!

You hear people say “optimize for searcher intent”, but what does this even mean? A lot of people talk about it, but few break it down into a clear process you can understand and execute on. Yet we know it’s critical to SEO success in 2018 and beyond (it’s helped me grow client’s traffic 10-20x).

After Dan’s talk, you will have a clear understanding of how to determine and capitalize on search intent.

(Warning: presentation may include Princess Bride or Paul Giamatti references.)

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Meet Dan

Dan is the Owner of Evolving SEO, a boutique, three person SEO team located in the Central Massachusetts, Greater Boston area.

Dan brings clarity to the confusing and fast changing world of SEO, so you can be more successful online.

He’s been helping organizations large and small conquer SEO problems since 2007. After doing SEO on the side (and becoming slightly obsessed with it), Evolving SEO was officially born in late 2010.

As a multi-time business owner, his approach to SEO never forgets that it’s about more than just links and rankings – it’s about your marketing goals and bottom line!

Dan has helped all sorts of companies from consumer brands like Hint Water, Ring Video Doorbell, to marketplaces like Healthy Hearing, to schools like Gould Academy, to B2B, service oriented businesses and SaaS/tech companies, to publishers like Smart Blogger.