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Aaron Orendorff

How Connecting Content and Commerce Is the Future of B2C and DTC

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Drawing together data, the best of today’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) content marketing, and a behind-the-scenes look the world’s fastest-growing online brands … you’ll discover how to connect content and commerce across your B2C funnel.

The power of content resides not in its direct ability to sell — although it can. Content’s true power comes from galvanizing an audience, entering its heart and mind through a consistent story well told. Brands that deliver this sew themselves into the lives of their customers in a way that products can’t. Discover…

  • What three ingredients drive story-led commerce
  • How to avoid the two killer mistakes B2C brands make with content
  • Why consumers crave brands with a mission, purchase, and social consciousness

Meet Aaron

Aaron Orendorff is the founder of iconiContent, a strategic agency “saving the world from bad content.” His work has appeared on Mashable, CMI, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc., and more.

Previously, Aaron was also the Editor in Chief of Shopify Plus, host to some of the world’s fastest-growing digitally native vertical brands as well as DTC sites for GE, Nestlé, and The New York Times.