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It might not be immediately obvious to you what your audience wants to know, but after listening to this episode you’ll have a complete bag of tricks for finding the ideal content for your blog and website.

Listen to “Finding Topics for Your Blog and Content [17]” on Spreaker.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • Why you shouldn’t avoid popular topics
  • The secret to finding the topics that are being shared on social media
  • Simple keyword research tools that overflow with ideas
  • The sites that make it easy to uncover the questions people ask about your field of expertise
  • How to mine your analytics and onsite search for topic ideas
  • The many ways to “listen” and learn from your prospects and peers
  • How to extract content ideas from books, courses, and Wikipedia
  • The answer file that lives in your sent mail
  • How events and original research serve you some of the best possible content idea


What can you learn from these studs? Listen to this episode for a fun tip from the world of traditional publishing.

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry explains how to make great content from roundup posts somebody else created.
  • Andy suggests you can plug every “hole in your bucket” by adding a live chat to your website.

On the next episode of Content Matters: What to put on your homepage.

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