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When we go to conferences, we want one thing: everything. So that’s what we wanted to give the attendees of Content Jam ’17. We tried to create an experience where you’d get actionable insights, cool tips, inspiring and worldview-changing keynotes, and a chance to rub elbows with marketers, business owners, and anyone with an interest in content marketing.

Content Jam 2017 was a two-day affair featuring 15 of the top-rated speakers in the field. With a mix of insight into technology, analytics, storytelling, and the psychology of marketing, there was truly something for everyone. We let our attendees find breakout sessions that help their professionally (and personally), enjoy talks in their field, and possibly learn something outside their comfort zone.

Highlights of the event included:

  • 15 top-rated speakers
  • Four 3-hour sessions on Day 1
  • 8 breakout sessions on Day 2
  • An SEO Masterclass
  • Inspiring and unpredictable opening and closing keynotes
  • Multiple networking opportunities, including a gourmet catered lunch from one of Chicago’s top chefs
  • Beautiful views of the Chicago River, Lake Michigan, and the famous skyline
  • An inclusive afterparty for some late-night networking

In short, it was more than a conference: it was an even that you’ll remember for not just helping you professionally, but for being a true personal experience. We’re glad we saw you there. and hope we can reconnect this year.

And if you couldn’t make it, check out some of the talks filled with practical advice that you missed.

We think you’ll find something you like, and we hope to see you this year!

Thanks for your interest in Content Jam! Couldn’t make it to last year’s sessions? Don’t worry. We have you covered. Get the speaker slides and videos below.

Bonus Videos!

Content Jam Takeway Tweets

We kept tabs on your tweets during the event and thought it would be fun to have the speakers read what you had to say about their presentations. Maybe they answered one of yours!

Marketing Crossfit with Andy

Need to amp up your marketing efforts? We have a little crossfit style motivational video to get you pumped!

Speaker Slides and Videos

Creating Content That Converts

Joanna Wiebe
Watch the video ›
Download Joanna’s slides [PDF]

5 Reasons Your Evergreen Content Fails (And How to Bring Them Back to Life)

Aaron Orendorff
Download Aaron’s slides [PDF]

The Pragmatist’s Approach To Marketing Analytics

Justin Rondeau
Download Justin’s slides [PDF]

Email Marketing: Automation at Every Level

Jessica Best
Download Jessica’s slides [PDF]

To Challenge or Not to Challenge? Matching Your Content to the Moment

Tim Riesterer
Download Tim’s slides [PDF]

Youtube Marketing for Businesses and Brands

Roberto Blake
Watch the video ›
Download Roberto’s slides [PDF]

Super Advanced Content Marketing and SEO: Higher Rankings and More Traffic in Less Time

Andy Crestodina
Watch Andy’s video ›
Download Andy’s slides [PDF]

The ABCs of Persuasive Copy

Nancy Harhut
Watch Nancy’s Video
Download Nancy’s slides [PDF]

Your Brain Is Lying To You: Become A Better Marketer By Overcoming Confirmation Bias

Michael Aagaard
Watch Michael’s Video
Download Michael’s Slides [PDF]

How to Build Scalable, SEO-Driven Content Frameworks

Robbie Richards
Download Robbie’s slides [PDF]

Google Analytics: Optimized for B2B & E-Commerce

Charles Farina
Download Charles’s slides [PDF]

Search Optimization Masterclass

Andy Crestodina Download Andy’s slides [PDF]

Checkout the fun times had by all in the gallery ↓

And… that’s a wrap! Hope to see you next year!

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