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Category: Podcast: Content Matters

The Secrets of Successful Bloggers Content Jam Ep. 24

For three years running, Orbit Media has asked 1000+ bloggers how they approach the job of creating content. In this episode, you’ll hear what has and hasn’t changed in the world of business blogging. Fascinating stuff. Listen to “The Secrets of Successful Bloggers [24]” on Spreaker. In this episode we cover (and answer): The findings […]

How to Edit Copy Content Jam Ep. 22

A ton of content creators make one, or two, big mistakes when they write copy: They publish first drafts They edit as they write In this edition of Content Matters, Andy and Barry make a case why these two mistakes compromise the quality of your content and slow your production. Listen to “How to Edit […]

Website Navigation Matters Content Jam Ep. 21

Could something as basic as your website’s menu bar actually have a meaningful effect on your visitor’s experience? Listen to this edition of Content Matters as Andy and Barry discuss how website navigation can effect traffic, conversion and user experience. Listen to “Website Navigation Matters [21]” on Spreaker. In this episode we cover: The danger of […]