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Category: Podcast: Content Matters

Blogging Trends & Stats: The 4th Annual Blogger Survey Content Jam Ep. 36

In this episode, Barry and Andy sift through the many results from Orbit Media’s 4th Annual Business Blogging Survey and emphasize the practices that produce the strongest results. Listen to “Business Blogging Trends – 4th Annual Survey [36]” on Spreaker. Highlights from the episode include: The average time bloggers invest in creating posts has increased substantially […]

Are You Leveraging LinkedIn? Content Jam Ep. 33

In this edition of Content Matters, Barry and Andy pour forth every tip they can come up with for leveraging LinkedIn in less than 30 minutes. Listen to “Are You Leveraging LinkedIn? [33]” on Spreaker. Highlights from the episode include: How to rock your LinkedIn profile Important networking tips Content marketing opportunities on the network […]